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Amazon online shopping Safety Guide (Must Read it)

If you’re buying products online from Amazon or any other eCommerce website, then this article is for you.

Whenever I buy a product online, I always subconsciously follow some rules that protect me from losing my money to fraudsters. I always knew that there are several online fraud websites.

However, I never thought of writing about it until last month when one of my close friends lost significant money on one of these fraud websites.

Then I came to realize that this guide is required for people.

What are Amazon Online Shopping Fraud Websites?

Amazon Online Shopping Fraud Websites are those websites, which look and feel as similar to Amazon’s real website, but owned and operated by a fraudster.

These websites are built on the same design as Amazon’s official sites, but these are fake websites.

How do they promote or catch your attention? 

These websites sell products at a dirt-cheap price, or sometimes at an unrealistic price, for example, these websites may sell an iPhone with just 1 dollar or just 1 rupee.

It’s a luring technique; they take advantage of the innocence of the buyer.

Then how to save yourself from these fraudsters?

Check the below steps before buying any product online: 

Amazon Online Shopping safety Guide Step 1

Check the URL: If it’s a genuine Amazon website, then the URL will follow the below-listed links.

Sometimes fake websites use links similar to Amazon sites – then it becomes difficult to identify it. Check if the URL is longer or not. Check if it is using separators (-) or not. This can help you understand that these websites are genuine or fake.

Amazon Online Shopping safety Guide Step 2

Check the website’s internal links: Most of these websites don’t have internal links. If you click on the homepage of the website, you will or may land on the same page.

If you click on the contact page or any other product on these websites, you may land on the same page.

Because these websites don’t have those pages- it basically will show as an image. Nothing will work on these websites, merely the links they are luring you will work.

If you like the product and fall for it – you may buy it or may buy it in bulk. In any case, you will lose all the money. The ordered product will never be delivered to you. Your money will be gone forever.

Amazon Online Shopping Safety Guide Step 3

SSL Certificates: If you found these above two steps on any website, then do not pay them any money. Apart from these steps, please check if the website has got an SSL certificate or not. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer – it creates an encrypted connection – and builds trust for the users. You see this certificate on several websites. It’s a green color tab on the website’s URL. Please see the below image for more clarification.

Amazon online shopping

Many such websites don’t contain an SSL certificate. However, having an SSL doesn’t mean it’s secure, although please check this if it’s available or not.

If the website doesn’t provide an SSL certificate, then don’t share your name password or bank details with it, even if the website is not fake, it won’t be a reliable source to share it.

Amazon Online Shopping Safety Guide Step 4

By now, I have covered the website aspect; however, sometimes, these fishing websites lure customers using their email address as well.

Almost all of us are aware now that some emails contain viruses and are clear spam, but did you know that some emails also contain fake products.

When you receive an email stating that a certain product may be on sale on their website at a very less price, be cautious of those sites or emails. Only if you know the site or if it’s an affiliate promoter then only trust it, otherwise skip these links and directly prefer the official sites.

How to check if the email is from the Amazon website or not?

Check if the sender of the email has amazon’s official email address or not. Some fishing websites use creative ways to manipulate customers. They may use separators or other techniques to convince you, in all those cases always confirm before giving up your card details or money to them.

What should you do if you have already shared your card details?

I am not sure about what to do since I am not an expert on this topic, but I can share with you what I advised to my close friend.

As soon as I realized it’s a fake website I advised to block the card. If you block the card, there will be no other ways to steal your money.

At least your current savings will be saved; furthermore, after these steps don’t regret your actions. You’re not stupid – it could have happened to anyone. It’s an online scam, and several people fall for it.

At least you’re now aware of it and can help others to avoid it. Write and spread awareness. So that people know these types of websites are available online and which could eventually steal everything.


Don’t reckon that all online platforms are run by the fraudsters. There are excellent platforms available online.

I would say 99% of the webmasters are honest and running honest platforms. Therefore, feel free to search and buy online.

Here at E-product Research whenever I add or recommend a product from any website, I make sure that the website is legit and provides a good service to its customers.

However, sometimes some actions are out of my reach; still, I try my best to keep my readers safe and secure from these fraud websites and transactions.

If you liked this article, please leave a comment in the comment section and share your valuable thoughts on this issue.

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