best cctv camera in india

The Best CCTV Camera in India for Home and Business Use

If you’re looking for the best CCTV camera in India, then you’re in the right place. In today’s time, security is a major concern in our country.

If you have a business or you want to protect your property, either way, implementing proper security measures is the only legitimate option for you.

You cannot monitor your business or your property all the time. You have to sleep; since you have other important works to do. Therefore, what should you do to automatic this process?

I would suggest you consider buying a Closed-circuit television camera or popularly known as CCTV camera for your business. A CCTV camera is the best option which you have to monitor your assets and to protect them from unknown threats.

In many cases, CCTV footage assists owners to retrieve their lost or stolen items. It is an investment you’re doing for the goodwill of your assets and your business in the long run.

Best CCTV Camera in India for Home and Business Use

Below I have listed the best CCTV camera currently available in India. All of these CCTV cameras are excellent on performance and are adored by the users. I have done in-depth research on these items and found these products trustworthy for your purchase.

You can buy two types of CCTV cameras. Either buy a Wi-Fi CCTV camera or buy a normal CCTV camera.

If you buy a Wi-Fi camera, you won’t require other accessories. A Wi-Fi camera can perform recording with a working internet connection only.

However, if you’re buying a normal CCTV camera, then you would require buying DVR, Connector, and other requisites. In this article, I will list both types of CCTV cameras.

Mi 360° Home Wi-Fi Camera

best CCTV camera in India

These days MI brand is dominating India. In the mobile industry, Mi is a major player – at the same time; MI is also selling a high number of headphones in India. In the same way, Mi CCTV camera is also popular among Indians.

It is packed with all the major features and doesn’t cost you much. It is perfect for anyone who is looking for a good CCVT camera at a reasonable price for home use only.

This CCTV camera is not for commercial purposes. It will be an excellent choice for you if you want to use a CCTV camera in your home and wish to monitor any suspicious movements.

For commercial use, there are other excellent alternative CCTV camera options available online. I will be listing them below.

Let’s check out what are the benefits you get from this MI 360 Home CCTV camera.

It has an AI motion detection option, which means if any motion happens, this device will give you a notification on your mobile device. Of course, for this to work, you will require an internet connection. This device comes with a Wi-Fi connection option. Almost all major android phones and Apple devices are supported.

With an Infrared night vision option, this device will be able to record even in dark places. So, next time when the power cut will happen, you can relax that your valuables are under surveillance.

MI 360 comes with a 1080p resolution and 20-megapixel camera option and storage of 64 GB, which would be enough for your home use. This device can also record voices.

Mi 360° Home Product Details

  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Weight of the camera 240 g
  • Supported OS: iOS, Android
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • AI Motion detection
  • 360-degree view angle
  • Infrared Night Vision option
  • Talkback option
  • 64GB SD Storage
  • It has a better resolution for home use
  • Can detect movement using AI, and can send notification on mobile devices
  • Reasonable price and easy to assemble.
  • Parts are easily available in the market.
  • Can perform the function with a working Wi-Fi connection
  • Only for home use
  • You cannot use it outside


Dahua is the go-brand for commercial CCTV camera use. It has a wide range of CCTV options for its customers. Major commercial users and CCTV experts use this brand’s product.

It’s a Chinese brand and no doubt it is now dominating the commercial CCTV market in India.

Below are some of the best Dahua manufactured CCTV options. Choose any one based on your requirements. As per my research, I have found all of these items as a good buying option for you. These devices don’t cost you much and come with a wide range of features.

Dahua DH-HAC-B1A21P Bullet Camera

Dahua DH-HAC-B1A21P

Dahua DH-HAC-B1A21P is the first product from this brand that I am including here. It weighs around 141g and comes with a 2 Megapixel Camera and has a resolution of 1080p. It’s a Bullet Camera.

It supports all major mobile devices. If you’re using an android or iOS device, then both will be compatible with it. It can cover a space of up to 20 meters.

Dahua DH-HAC-B1A21P Product Details

  • Model Number of the product DH-HAC-B1A21P
  • Dimensions of the product 15.5 x 7.5 x 8.5 cm
  • The minimum focal length of the product 3.60 Millimeters
  • Available at a very low price
  • Service is easily available
  • Popular Brand in India
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • It will perfectly work outside
  • Easy to install
  • Night Vision is not up to the mark
  • You will require to buy a DVR, Connector and other accessories with it.

Dahua HAC-T1A21P Dome Camera

Dahua HAC-T1A21P

Dahua HAC-T1A21P is the second product that I am including here. It weighs around 99.8g and comes with a 2 Megapixel Camera and has a resolution of 1080p. It’s a Dom Camera. It is ideal for inside use.

It supports all major mobile devices. Both android and iOS devices are supported and can cover a space of up to 20 meters. HD and SD output options are available with this CCTV camera.

Dahua HAC-T1A21P Product Details

  • Model Number of the product DH-HAC-T1A21P
  • Dimensions of the product 10 x 5 x 5 cm
  • The minimum focal length of the product 3.60 Millimeters
  • Available at a very low price
  • Service is easily available
  • HD and SD output
  • Popular Brand in India
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Would be perfect for office use or home use
  • Doesn’t work with Wi-Fi
  • You will require to buy a DVR, Connector and other accessories with it.
  • Not a good choice for outside use

Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1100RP Bullet Camera

best cctv camera in india

Dahua has a vast product list. In this vast product list, finding the right CCTV camera is extremely hard. Several experts may suggest several different products. Therefore today I am listing it here one by one; it will decrease your research time, and you can make a decision quickly.

In my next selection, I am listing here Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1100RP, which is the third CCTV camera from this brand.

It weighs around 204 g, and resolution is 720p. It can capture up to 20 meters long, which I would say a good buying option.

Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1100RP Product Details

  • Dahua CCTV Model Number: DH-HAC-HFW1100RP
  • It will work perfectly on 30 to 60 degree Celsius
  • Service is easily available
  • A popular brand in India
  • It will be suitable for outside use
  • Price is higher than the previous bullet camera
  • You will also require to buy a DVR, Connector and other accessories with it.


Similar to the Dahua brand Hikvision is also a Chinese brand. It is a popular CCTV brand in India. Hikvission’s headquarter is based on Hangzhou, China.

Hikvision DS-7A04HGHI- F1/ECO (All Accessories)

Hikvision cctv camera online in india

If you’re buying a CCTV camera for the first time, then you would require buying all the accessories, especially if you’re buying it for office usage or outside usage.

Therefore, I am adding this CCTV option here. Hikvision is a popular CCTV brand in India. For anyone who is looking for a CCTV camera for office usage, a Wi-Fi camera won’t be a good choice for them.

This Hikvision’s all in one camera has everything in it. It will come at a reasonable price and can be installed by anyone with a learning attitude.

This package of CCTV camera is coming with two bullet cameras and two dome cameras, and DVR and other accessories.

Here, two dome cameras, you can use inside your office, and two bullet cameras, you can use outside your office. For more details, please read the product details page on the product website.

Hikvision Product Details

  • The model number of the product is DS-7A04HGHI- F1/ECO
  • Resolution of the product is 1080p
  • Number of items included 7
  • Include all required accessories
  • Cloud storage option available
  • Mobile access is available
  • Popular Brand in India
  • Service center is easily accessible
  • So far None

CP Plus

It is an Indian company. CP Plus headquarter is in Mumbai, India. Aditya Infotech Ltd is the owner of the CP Plus brand. It is a popular brand in India and it has its service center all over the country.

CP Plus Astra

CP Plus best CCTV camera in India

Two of the most selling CCTV brand in India is CP Plus and hikvision. Those who are CCTV experts would surely recommend either of the ones.

That’s why I am adding a product from the CP Plus brand. If you’re on a tight budget and you have a small shop and wish to install CCTV cameras, then this product would be a perfect match for you.

This budget CCTV camera comes with all the major accessories that are required to install and operate a CCTV camera.

It has two cameras, one dome camera, and one bullet camera. And also comes with an HD 4 channel DVR box. Cameras on this product have excellent range. Dome camera has 2.4 megapixels, and bullet camera has a range of 20 meters.

If it is a small size shop, this can be a perfect choice. For home usage, you can install the dome camera inside the house and bullet camera outside.

CP Plus Astra Product Details

  • The model number of the product is AstraCPPlus
  • Weight of the product is 4KG
  • Video capture resolution is 1080p
  • Include all required accessories
  • Mobile access is available
  • Popular Brand in India
  • Service center is easily accessible
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Storage Option Not available

CP Plus H.265

As of now, you’re familiar with the Cp plus brand. I am not writing it here anymore. This product comes from the same brand (assemble by UPVsales).

If you’re looking for a product to cover a large space, then this product can save you a ton of time and energy. You can choose the number of cameras you want based on your preferences.

I have explained the difference to you between a dome camera and a Bullet camera earlier. Now, if you’re covering a space that is mainly based outside, go for the bullet camera option, or else, choose other way around.

In the store, you will get seven different combinations; you can choose whichever best fits your requisites.

CP Plus H.265 Product Details

  • It’s a custom made product
  • Weight of the product is 7.17 Kg
  • The product will be assembled by UPVsales
  • It has 2 years warranty
  • Trusted CCTV camera Brand
  • Service Center is easily available
  • Save a ton of time and energy
  • 2 Years of warranty
  • Assemble by UPVsales

What is a CCTV Camera?

In simple terms, a CCTV is a surveillance camera, which works with other components to record movements or activities in a place.

This place could be a home, a business, a hotel, or could be a public place. You can install CCTV cameras anywhere you want. Of course, if you have the required permission to do it.

The principal purpose of the CCTV is to cover a space under the camera to observe or monitor movements.

CCTV system requires multiple components. You can install one Camera to operate, or you can install hundreds of them. It will depend on your requisites.

Why should you install a CCTV camera? 

A CCTV camera works as your third eye. Your trusted employee may over cross you, but a CCTV camera will never do that.

If you install a CCTV camera, you’re basically securing that spot. This way, if any movement happens, you will get informed without depending on anyone.

Today’s CCTV cameras are smart. Several such cameras are available that are AI empowered, which means if any movements happen, you will get a notification on your phone.

Other than the above feature, several such cameras are available, where you can see the live footage on the internet from anywhere in the world.

This extra layer of security brings peace of mind. It helps you to secure your valuables and assets.

Types of CCTV cameras

There are almost nine different types of CCTV cameras available in the market. All of these CCTV cameras are used for different-different work. Below I have listed and elaborate there usage. Read and select the one which would be a perfect match for you. 

Bullet Camera

These cameras are commonly used outside premises and are dust and rain resistance. Therefore, bullet cameras are perfect for outside surveillance. If you’re looking for a camera to cover an outside space that has rough weather conditions or has dust, then this camera would be your perfect choice. 

Dome Camera

Dome cameras are ideal for inside the premises. These are dome-shaped cameras, easy to install in an indoor location. These cameras can cover a place in 360-degree angles. Dome cameras are ideal for small shops, homes, restaurants, hotels and sitting rooms.

C-Mount CCTV Camera

C-Mount cameras are lens base cameras, which means you can change the lens according to your requirements. These are perfect for covering long distances. Apart from the lens, these are waterproof cameras; therefore, it could be ideal for placing outside to capture suspicious movements. These are similar to bullet cameras and could be visible easily to fraudsters to deteriorate them.

Zoom cameras

If you’re looking after a highly sensitive area, then zoom cameras are the perfect match for you. As the name suggests, zoom camera use zoom feature to capture live feeds from the surveillance area.

If your security team is looking after a highly sensitive place, then these cameras can assist you in deterring criminals. These cameras can zoom left, right, up, and down to cover all the angels.

Day and night CCTV Cameras

These CCTV cameras are specially made for rigid weather conditions. If your business is placed in an environment where the weather is not stable and can causes problems to record with normal cameras, then this CCTV camera’s day and night feature could be useful for you. These cameras can record in awful weather conditions, be it day time or night time.

Infrared CCTV Cameras

These CCTV cameras are made for night recordings. Infrared cameras work on infrared technology; therefore, these CCTV cameras can record movements in pitch darkness as well. If your business demands night recordings, then these CCTV cameras could be a great choice for you. In banks and cash related businesses, these cameras could be useful; since these cameras can record even when there is no light.

IP Cameras

IP Cameras are useful for almost all types of places. If you want to access your footage live and want to see the live movements, then IP cameras could be the perfect match for you. These types of cameras can share footage across the internet. So if you have a working internet connection, then you can observe your place from anywhere in the world. For storage, you can employ an NVR ( network video recorder).

Wireless CCTV cameras

Wireless cameras don’t require any wire, that means you can access these cameras and install it without any hassle. These are safe to use and helps to boost your interior looks. Apart from the wireless feature, you can also access these CCTVs from online. This makes life easier. If you have got any doubts, you can access your live footage to clear it. The video storage option is also available with this type of CCTV camera.

HD CCTV Cameras

Did you ever wonder why the CCTV footage is always unclear? If yes, then this CCTV camera is made for you. These HD CCTV cameras are built for capturing high definition crystal clear images. It may cost you higher than the usual ones, but it does provide you a better service. Furthermore, since its capture in HD quality, storage may also require higher than the usual ones.

Basic Requisites for installing a CCTV camera

If you’re installing a basic home base CCTV camera, then the below components could be useful for you. 

  • 1 dome camera
  • 2 Bullet Cameras
  • DVR
  • Wires
  • Power Cords

You can either buy a bundle of all these items together or individually. Before buying your components, please go through a survey and find out what do you want and how many you want.

If your purpose is to cover a home, then find out how many indoor cameras and how many outdoor cameras would be required.

Apart from indoor and outdoor cameras, please check if you want a wireless camera or a wired camera. Wireless cameras are easier to setup. If you’re setting up in your home, then Wireless cameras would be a better choice. Whereas, if you’re setting it in a large area, then Wired CCTV cameras would be preferred.

There are other motion cameras available online – motion cameras record only when there is a motion in the room. This saves a lot of storage in the long run. However, long recordings are also preferred for a more secure environment.

Recording Devices

Only using a CCTV camera won’t be enough, for this to work, you will require a DVR or an NVR system. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, and NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. These devices help you record your video footage and show it to you through a monitor.

Practically, both these systems are the same, DVR works with analog cameras, and NVR works with IP cameras.

Best ways to select the right CCTV camera for your Home and Office use: 

If you’re looking for the best CCTV camera in India, then you should know how to select the best CCTV camera for you. Several factors could impact your selection. Below I have listed all the major factors you should consider before buying your next CCTV tool kit. 


One major factor which could potentially risk your surveillance is the weather around the place you’re going to set up these CCTV cameras.  If the weather is pleasant, then you should choose a certain kind of camera, or if the weather is rigid, then you should choose other types of cameras. In most rigid weather conditions, day and night cameras will work perfectly.

Indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras

Different cameras function in different places. Once you select your CCTV coverage space, find out how many cameras do you require for indoor coverage and outdoor coverage. Indoor cameras are made for indoor access, and if you place them outside, this type of camera won’t last long.

 Wi-Fi Cameras

If the surveillance space is small, and it only focuses on indoor, then a Wi-Fi camera would be more than enough for you. This type of camera won’t cost you much, and at the time, the installation of these cameras is also very easy. You can access the surveillance footage from across the globe from your mobile device.


When you buy your CCTV camera, look for the storage space first. Running multiple CCTV cameras at the same time would require high storage space. If you’re storing your data for a longer time, then high storage would be a must buying option.


Make sure that the company you’re buying from has a robust service center in place. If in the future, you face any problem, then support will be required.


One major factor of a CCTV camera is its coverage. Therefore, when you’re going to buy a CCTV camera, take a look at the coverage option. If the coverage area fits your requirements, then go- ahead and buy it.

The lens of the Camera

CCTV camera lens would depend on your requirements. If you wish to cover a large area and wish to have a clear image and are willing to buy high storage, then you should check the lens of the camera. Several cameras come with several different lenses. And these lenses work with separate functions.


If you are installing a CCTV camera in your home or your business, you’re making a wise decision.

At first, you may assume that this is costing you a chunk of money, but remember that with this money, you’re protecting your costly assets, and eventually your business, or your home.

Your investment will be worth it in the upcoming days. CCTV will bring peace of mind to you.

What’s the difference between Dome Camera and Bullet Camera?

Dome cameras are used inside a room, whereas bullet cameras are used outside.

Which camera is easier to install a dome camera or bullet camera?

A bullet camera is easier to install.

What’s the full form of CCTV?

Closed Circuit Television