Best Online Clothing Stores in India

Best Online Clothing Stores in India [Under Your Budget]

Are you looking for the best online clothing stores in India? If yes, then this article is for you.

After the Jio boom in India, Indian’s are getting online daily. Thousands and thousands of Indian’s are using online shopping now.

In this drastically changing marketplace, all offline players are now trying to cater to the eyes of these online buyers.

Although it is good for the customers; but some fraudulent websites are operating now. These websites cheat innocent customers.

Therefore, today, I am going to list the best online clothing stores in India for you. These are trusted websites and adored by users.

If you’re looking for a trendy cloth under a good price, then these websites could be the ideal shopping websites for you.

Best Online Clothing Stores in India

Below are some of the best online clothing websites. I have gone through in-depth research to make this list. Each website has been checked before adding it here.


Myntra Online Clothing Stores in India

If you’re talking about clothing in India, then you cannot ignore the Myntra’s website. It is the most popular clothing site in India.

It has all types of clothes for men, women, and kids. Myntra has a robust shipping facility.

Myntra was founded in the year 2007, but in the year 2014, it was acquired by Flipkart.

It has all the popular brand’s clothes in their product line. Products such as Nike, HRX, U.S.Polo, Fossil, Wrong, Jack & Jones, and GAP are some of the examples of it.

Some of the websites are selling duplicate products online by mentioning the original brand’s name. However, Myntra, on the other hand, is assuring its customers that their products are 100% genuine. It’s a relaxing feeling that at least you’re not spending your money on a duplicate product.

For regular shoppers, return policy is an immense issue. If you’re buying products regularly online, there will come a time when you may require to return a product. In this case, Myntra’s website got you covered. They are providing 30 days return policy on their products.

Furthermore, delivery is another major issue. Sometimes a product may price something on the website, but when you add it to the card, your price got higher. However, on Myntra’s website, you get the free delivery option if your total purchase is higher than rs 1199.


best online clothing stores in india

Limeroad is the most popular women social shopping site in India. It has an excellent collection in its product line.

Limeroad was founded in 2012 by Suchi Mukherjee and Ankush Mehra. It’s a Gurugram based online eCommerce website.

If you’re looking for an excellent product at an affordable price, then this website would be the go-to place for you.

It has an immense collection under its belt. Starting from kurta Kurtis, winter wears, top, dress, sarees, suits, bags, footwear you name it, this website will give it to you.

Apart from its collection, its price range is also very affordable for anyone. Furthermore, this website also has a promising collection for men as well. Under the men’s collection, you will get a T-Shirt, Jeans, Shirt, trousers, footwear and many more.

Besides, other than clothing lines, Limeroad has other collections as well, such as home decor, kids’ collection, and electronic items.

If you’re still thinking about why you should visit this website, then let me tell you the price that this website is offering is insane. In other websites, if you get a bag at 700 rs, the same bag you may get less than 400 rs on this site. Isn’t it amazing?


buy clothes online

Some websites offer affordable price products and some offer brands. Koovs is a brand base website.

On its website, you will get brands such as Adidas, Glamorous, IRIS, Nike, New Look, Vero Moda, and many more.

Koovs was founded in 2012 by Rajesh Kamra, Manish Tewari, and Amit Shukla. Mary Turner is the current CEO of this company. It is a Gurugram base famous Clothing company in India.

If you’re young by heart, then this website’s collection will surely cater to your eyes. It has a youthfulness vibe in it, which separates itself from the other brands.

Koovs has both men and women clothes collection. Under the women section, koovs offer collection such as Tops, Jumpsuits, Jeans, Trousers, Leggings, Shorts Cardigans, Pullovers Dungarees, Leggings, Sweatshirts, and many more.

On the other hand, under the men’s category koovs offers collection such as Casual Shirts, T-Shirts, Vests, Jeans, Trousers, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Coats, Jackets, Innerwear, Socks and many more.

If you’re a person who always believes in quality over quantity, then koovs is the shopping site for you.

After your purchase, if you don’t adore the product, then you have got the option to return it. Koovs offers a 15-day return policy, which is a sign of relief if you are not familiar with an online purchase or you get an awful product.


Ajio website

If you’re looking for a good quality product at an affordable price, then Ajio’s website is the right place for you. Ajio is a new clothing eCommerce website in India. It is founded by Mukesh Ambani, the founder of the JIO Company.

Ajio is the Jio’s extension in clothing. It has clothes for both men and women; other than men and women, this website also has affordable products for kids as well.

If you’re on a budget to buy good products, then AJio offers the highest collection of budget clothes for you. There are some excellent low price products available on this website which might take some extra bucks to buy on other eCommerce sites.

Under the men’s section, Ajio has collections of Jackets, Coats, Jeans, Shirts, Shorts, Sweaters, Hoodies, Track Pants, Trousers, and T-Shirts and many more.

Other than this, under the women’s section, AJIO has collections of Kurtas, Salwars, Churidars, Kurtis, Sarees, Dupattas, Blouses, Leggings, Jackets and many more.

AJIO is a great website for buying products under a budget. In today’s time, finding quality products at a low price is extremely difficult. AJIO is offering the same to you.


Faballey online cloth shopping

Faballey is a Noida based women eCommerce website. If you’re a person who loves to shop but doesn’t like long lines in shopping malls, then this website is for you. It is entirely dedicated to women’s clothing.

Faballey’s exclusive product line and designer dress collection will surely cater to your eyes. In today’s time, trends play a major role in shopping. Clothes are ever-changing, and in this ever-changing market place, you need a reliable product line where you can trust. Faballey offers you the same. Its trend segment has the latest clothing lines for you.

Its products are affordable and come from the top brands. If you’re not sure to buy, don’t worry, faballey offers a return policy as well. If you cancel your order till the product remains in their warehouse, you won’t be charged a single penny. Your money will be refunded to you directly through the payment mode in which you had paid them earlier.

Like all other eCommerce websites, Faballey offers a 15-day return policy. After buying any product, if you’re not satisfied, you can exchange the product within the first 15 days of your purchase.

Kalki fashion

best online clothing stores in india

Kalkifashion is another popular eCommerce website that is dedicated to women’s fashion. Shishir Gupta is the founder and director of the

This website is entirely dedicated to women’s fashion. It has all types of clothes in it. Some of the most popular categories are Salwar Kameez, Saree, Saree Blouse, Lehengas, Gowns, Kurtis.

However, apart from the women’s collection, this website also has some collections for men as well. However, it is limited, but the products are unique, so it would be worth your time to pay a visit on this site.

It also offers a 30-day return policy on all its items, which means if your product is in new condition or you haven’t used it, you can return the product to them.

However, there is a negative aspect of the site – the return money will not be transfer to your account; instead, they will transfer it as store credit on their website. If in the future, you buy products from them, you can redeem your previous credit.

How to Find the Best Online Clothing Stores in India? [Safety Guide]

When you’re buying online, make sure that the website you’re buying from is legit. Sometimes websites that show on ads and are promoted on a discount offer are not legit.

I have friends who had lost money on fishing sites. If the offer looks unrealistic, then you should not buy from it.

Below are some of the standard checkpoints you should follow when you’re buying online

Website Validity: Check the URL of the website. Is it the real website or not? Check if there is an SSL certificate available on the site or not. If the website doesn’t provide an SSL certificate, then don’t share your card details in it. Then you may be risking your card details and potentially losing your money online.

Check the Return Policy: You may be in love with a product online and wish to buy it. But before buying it, check if the online shopping site is offering a valid return policy or not. If there is a reasonable return policy in place, then go ahead and buy from it. You may not need it now. But when the shipment arrives, you will need it.

Prefer Cash on Delivery: If you’re buying a product on a new website for the first time, I would always suggest you prefer the cash on delivery option. This way, you’re not financially jeopardizing yourself. If it’s a legit website, you will get the product, and from next time onwards, you can buy whatever way you prefer.

Contact Details: Look for the store location and contact details. If it is a legit store, there will be a valid contact address and customer service number. If it looks good, go ahead and buy from it.


All of the above-mentioned websites are the best online clothing stores in india. These websites have earned their reputation over the years and have been receiving a very positive response from their frequent customers.

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