Steel almirah online

The Best Steel Almirah Online (Under Your Budget)

Are you looking for the best Steel Almirah Online? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

Everyone tries to make their living space looks beautiful, but finding beautiful and everlasting quality products is hard.

The Internet is full of defective and high-grade products. It is challenging to discover which product could be an excellent choice for you.

Steel almirah online

There are several products which look excellent online, but when you order them, you find it unworthy of your money.

As a buyer, you should read and endeavor to understand which products are reliable and which products could be a perfect match for you.

It may take hours to do the same, but don’t worry; I have that covered for you.

I have done the research and wrote this blog for you. In this blog, I have added those products which are excellent in quality and are adored by the customers.

All these products have got positive verified customer reviews. These products are trustworthy and could be an excellent option for you.

Best Steel Almirah Online

GODREJ INTERIO Slimline Almirah 

In the furniture segment, Godrej is the most popular brand among Indian consumers. Godrej’s furniture has an excellent reputation. Here also its reputation precedes.

This Steel Almirah is my first pick for you. Its build quality is up to the mark and looks amazing. Almirah’s height is 77 inches and length is 35 inches and width is 20 inches; its weight is around 65 kg.

The primary material used in this almirah is carbon steel. It comes with a 1year greenguard certified warranty.

If you’re concern about space, then don’t worry, this product has got you covered. It has ample space for keeping all your stuff – apart from the space, it also has security inbuilt in it; therefore, you don’t need to keep your important paper, jewelry, and other expensive items outside anymore, you can keep it in this almirah, and it will be safe.

This almirah also comes in various colors. If you’re concern about cleaning, then don’t worry a damp piece of cloth would be enough.

The chemical which is used in this almirah is indoor friendly and environment-friendly; therefore, be assured that it won’t affect your health.

GODREJ INTERIO Slimline Almirah  Product Details

  • Dimensions in cm: height is 195.58, Length is 88.9, Width is 50.8
  • This product required assembly
  • Almirah’s Colour is “Textured Purple”

EPR overall Product rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.


almirah online

Storwel M2 is the second steel almirah from the Godrej Company that I’m listing here. This almirah’s height is 78 inches, the width of the steel almirah is 19 inches and the weight of the steel almirah is 73 kg.

It is made of carbon steel and comes under a greenguard 1-year warranty. This almirah is available in spring Blue color. If you’re familiar with the brand, then you might have seen this almirah before. Godrej products are well known and are trusted by millions of Indians.

By the way, if you’re worried about assembling the almirah, then don’t worry. It shall be done by the company itself.

GODREJ INTERIO Storwel M2 Product Details

  • The dimension of the almirah: height198.12 and the length is 91.44, and Width is 48.6.
  • This product required assembly
  • Almirah Colour “Spring Blue” and almirah style is contemporary

EPR overall Product rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Recommended Steel Almirah Online

Centurion Steel Wardrobe by Godrej Interio

Godrej almirah

I have a similar Godrej almirah in my home. With this length and space almirahs, you can keep all your stuff inside without any storage problem. The Design of this product is evergreen. You can be sure that in the upcoming days this product will not be outdated. Sure it will cost you, but at the same time consider the brand as well.

This product is currently available on As per the website, this product will be delivered to you without any delivery charges. A product of this size – would cost you a lot if you choose to buy it from other places. That’s why I am adding this website here.

Centurion Steel Wardrobe Product Details

  • Brand name: Godrej Interio
  • Material used in this almirah: Steel
  • You can use it in a Bedroom

EPR Overall Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Above are the best steel base almirah available online. However, I would like to add some other almirah options for you.

These above almirahs are high-grade products, but for the budget segment, you can buy the below products.

These almirahs may not be based on steels but could be an alternative option for you if you need an almirah for keeping your clothes and other stuff.

Budget Almirah for Keeping Clothes

Nilkamal Freedom Mini Medium (FMM) Plastic Storage Cabinet

In the budget segment, this would be an excellent choice. This mini almirah comes from a famous brand. Nilkamal is being around for a long time now, and this brand is known for making everlasting products. 

This mini almirah is also doing the same. This can be a much-needed storage unit for you in the budget segment. 

This almirah is made of polypropylene and comes with a six months warranty. This product also requires manual assembling. Don’t worry it has all the instructions in it. You can effortlessly assemble it.

Did you know that Nilkamal has 1100 distributes and over 20000 retail dealers in India?

Nilkamal Freedom Mini Medium Product Details

  • Weight of the product is 10 Kg
  • Product dimension is 35 x 59 x 122.5 cm
  • This product requires manual assembling
  • The product number is FMMPSG-PSG-OGR-OGR

EPR overall Product rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Maison & Cuisine 6+2 Layer Fancy and Portable Foldable Collapsible Closet/Cabinet 

BUdget almirah

This is a budget segment product. It will be an excellent choice for you if you’re looking for a cloth storage space.

It is not as strong as the earlier products, but under this budget, it will surely complete the task you’re planning to do.

The primary material which is used in this product is fabric. It has floor standing, and its color option is wine red. As same as the earlier item this product also require assembling it – with the product you will receive a guide and an instruction on how to set up this in your home.

One set back of the item is that the manufacturer doesn’t provide any warranty with it.

However, it is built with good quality clothes, steel tubes, and PP Plastic Connectors. It could be an excellent option for anyone who would like to arrange their clothes in an organized manner.

Maison & Cuisine 6+2 Layer Fancy Product Details

  • It has movable clothes with a hanging rod
  • A lightweight product; its weight is 2.9 kg
  • Maison & Cuisine 6+2 model number is 88130M
  • Its product dimension is 45 x 130 x 175 cm

EPR overall Product rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

FOLDDON Foldable Wardrobe with 8 Racks

budget almirah

If you adore moving your almirah here and there, then this product could be an excellent choice for you. It’s a lite weight product, and it comes under your budget.

It has got an ample amount of space to keep all your clothes inside it, and its Collapsible Wardrobe would make it even more elegant.

There are days when you don’t feel like arranging everything in one place and throw your clothes here and there; with this product at least you can arrange it in one place.

If you’re a bachelor or a family person, then this product could be an ideal product for you.

It’s lite weight and can be shifted to any space in your room and can hold all your clothes and necessary items in one place and can assist you in making your room tidy and beautiful.

FOLDDON Foldable Wardrobe with 8 Racks Product Details

  • The material used in this product is fabric and plastic
  • Product color is beige and black
  • Size of the product is 44.4 cm x 71.09 cm x 154.9 cm
  • Product model number is FD121
  • Weight of the product is 4.54 Kg

EPR overall Product rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

CbeeSo 6 Racks Portable Wardrobe

almirah online

If you’re renting a house and your space is small, in that case, these steel almirah’s budget alternative could be an excellent choice for you.

It has got a dustproof outer cover that protects clothes inside and helps you maintain it. Besides, it also comes with a zipper that doesn’t allow any bugs and other insects’ to roam around on your valuables. It is made with a heavy-duty coated steel frame.

This product is lightweight and easy to assemble and easy to clean.
Also, in each rack it can hold up to 8 to 10 kg of weight – this is, in my opinion, would be enough for your daily needs.

In the budget segment, for anyone who is staying in a rented house or who has got less space and doesn’t prefer or has health issues to move heavy almirah for them this product could be an ideal choice.

CbeeSo 6 Racks Portable Wardrobe Product Details

  • Product weight is 4.5 Kg
  • The dimensions of the above product are 99.1 x 45.7 x 165.1 cm
  • Its model number is CB260BR
  • Items you will be getting in the box a Warranty Card, Metal Frame, Fabric Cover, Assembly Instructions.

EPR overall Product rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


In any given day, the steel almirahs would be the finest purchase for your future. However, before buying it, you should consider your budget and your room’s space and location.

What did I mean by location? If you’re living in a city for a short period, then buying a heavy almirah would not be a good decision since you will require shifting it to your native place again.

Therefore, consider all the options above and choose any one product which would be an ideal match for you according to your space and needs.

What’s the difference between wardrobe and almirah?

An almirah is a rectangular sized box made of iron, steel or wood to keep clothes, jewelry and money. On the other hand, a wardrobe is a large size cupboard to dangling clothes.

What is a standing closet called?

A standing closet is called a wardrobe. 

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